Everest Dark

Currently in development, Everest Dark is a documentary feature directed by Jereme Watt and shot over two climbing seasons between April 2015 and May 2016.  With initial filming taking place during the events of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, the camera team returned again in 2016 on a one-month expedition to Everest Base Camp.

Volunteers Unleashed

Once the domain of international NGO's like CUSO or Peace Corps, overseas volunteering has privatized and gone mainstream, attracting millions of young travellers.

Volunteers Unleashed follows volunteers to South America, Southeast Asia and Africa showing how voluntourism has become the one of the fastest growing travel sectors.  But just because volunteers go overseas with good intentions, it does not guarantee good will be done.

Filmed with director, Brad Quenville, Volunteers Unleashed was an eye-opening film to work as cinematographer on, with filming in Tanzania, Ecuador & Cambodia respectively.

Our Grandfather's Footprints

Working as cinematographer with director, Michael Bourquin, the film takes you on a personal journey back to the countryside of Northern British Columbia, as he and his brothers attempt to retrace and follow in the footprints of their grandfather, Loveman Nole.

Shot in Iskut, BC over March & Aug 2013 the film features some spectacular countryside and great characters.

Airing on APTN and film festivals worldwide.

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