The past few years I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work around the world.  Film has taken me everywhere from the plains of the Serengeti with Massai warriors to the sub-zero temperatures of the Canadian Arctic following bush pilots.

And through my experience I've been lucky to have worked on a diverse range of projects.  From working as a VFX camera operator with Weta Digital on multi-million dollar feature films to shooting & directing on my own in small-unit documentary situations, the changing scenery is something I look forward to.

Every project has its own unique challenges and rewards.  

And I'm always searching for projects that continue to push the limits physically, creatively, and experientially.  Projects that offer strong stories, bold visuals, and the opportunity for adventure.Below you'll find examples of my work.


Feature Documentary

Feature Documentary

Everest Dark

Currently in development, Everest Dark is a documentary feature directed by Jereme Watt and shot over two climbing seasons between April 2015 and May 2016.  With initial filming taking place during the events of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, the camera team returned again in 2016 on a one-month expedition to Everest Base Camp.

Volunteers Unleashed

Once the domain of international NGO's like CUSO or Peace Corps, overseas volunteering has privatized and gone mainstream, attracting millions of young travellers.

Volunteers Unleashed follows volunteers to South America, Southeast Asia and Africa showing how voluntourism has become the one of the fastest growing travel sectors.  But just because volunteers go overseas with good intentions, it does not guarantee good will be done.

Filmed with director, Brad Quenville, Volunteers Unleashed was an eye-opening film to work as cinematographer on, with filming in Tanzania, Ecuador & Cambodia respectively.

Our Grandfather's Footprints

Working as cinematographer with director, Michael Bourquin, the film takes you on a personal journey back to the countryside of Northern British Columbia, as he and his brothers attempt to retrace and follow in the footprints of their grandfather, Loveman Nole.

Shot in Iskut, BC over March & Aug 2013 the film features some spectacular countryside and great characters.

Airing on APTN and film festivals worldwide.

Official Site 


Television / Doc Series

Television / Doc Series

Highway Thru Hell

These past two winters I’ve spent time on the Coquihalla, working with a great team behind this hit television series.

discovery .jpg

Jade Fever

Following Claudia and Robin Bunce, owners of a large jade mining claim and jade tourist shop in remote Jade City in northern BC, Jade Fever is an unscripted documentary series that I worked as videographer on for seasons 1 and 4. With a lot of great characters in a spectacularly beautiful location, it's been a great experience.


Ice Pilots: NWT

As a videographer, I've worked in some extreme conditions.  With temperatures as low as -52 degrees, Yellowknife is the setting for History Channel's popular documentary series, Ice Pilots: NWT.  I spent seven months working with some great people for the final season following Joe and Mikey McBryan at Buffalo Airways.


Arm Nation

In spring of 2017, I had the opportunity to shoot and direct BC segments of APTN's upcoming series, Arm Nation, following two indigenous arm wrestling world champions as they battle their way to the Canadian Nationals in Halifax.















Footprint Vietnam Travel

In the spring of 2012, I directed and produced five videos for Footprint Vietnam Travel.  They are a premium tour operator in Hanoi, specializing in responsible, sustainable tourism where all players and stakeholders can benefit.

We wanted to make a series of dynamic, energetic videos each focusing on Footprint's main tour products in the region:

Trekking  | Cycling  | Cruise & Kayak | Volunteer & Educational

Capilano University 

I've created videos for Capilano University for multiple campaigns. To the left you'll see videos following three students in very different programs: Musical Theatre, Liberal Sciences and Business Management and we followed them around to step into their shoes.

And below are two five-part short films showcasing students, faculty, and alumni of the Outdoor Recreation & Tourism Management degree programs, respectively.  Filmed around North Vancouver and Deep Cove.

Red Dream Project | Le Konsphin  

Having spent a lot of time in the Sapa Region of Vietnam, I met Viviana Lopes, founder of the Red Dream Project, a community house in Ta Phin village where Red Dao villagers can grow organic vegetables and hold tribal meetings.

Viviana also employs local women in Ta Phin to produce fabric used to create high-end handbags and footwear for her fashion line, Le Konsphin. With a portion of the profits going back to the village, it's a great initiative, and in 2015 I travelled to Madrid, Spain to film with Viviana and actress, Cayetana Cabezas.  



Working with director, John Durrant and Backlot Films in 2010, I worked as cinematographer and editor for two separate ad spots and as a motion graphics artist for a third.  Created within the restrictions of a low budget, the ad spots continue to air on television and have played a strong role in Nufloors' rise as a popular flooring distributer.